A high-resolution look at the brain

Neuroimaging research at the Carle Illinois Advanced Imaging Center includes examining both the brain's structure and function.

Diffusion imaging brain scan
Structural brain scan

Examining the structural properties of the brain

Brain structural imaging includes assessments of gray matter, white matter, volume, cortical thickness, white matter hyperintensities, white matter pathway integrity, and cortical and subcortical stiffness.

Research activities in this area include:

  • Investigating white matter tract integrity with varying levels of physical activity
  • Studying the relationship between hippocampal volume and memory outcomes in older adults
  • Studying differences in brain stiffness in individuals with and without subjective memory complaints
  • Investigating structural brain changes following traumatic brain injury
fiber orientation distributions

Understanding the brain’s functional properties

These include task-relevant brain activations, network connectivity, and biochemistry.

Research activities in this area include:

  • Studying brain network activity under a variety of states and conditions including aging, cognitive training, and after chemotherapy
  • Using novel technologies to identify task-relevant regional activity for assessment and surgical planning
  • Studying alterations in the chemical composition and quantity of brain tissue under a variety of conditions including visual processing and following intracranial hemorrhages