Resources for Investigators

Affiliating with the Carle Illinois Advanced Imaging Center

Are you interested in becoming affiliated with the center? Please fill out the survey below to supply your contact information and request information about how to start up a project, obtain training in CI AIC operations and MRI safety, access resources for grant writing, and more.

Get started

Starting a project

Are you interested in starting up a new project? Please contact one of our staff scientists, Hacene Serrai (Carle investigators) or Yuhui Chai (university investigators), to review your study’s aims and how imaging can help answer your scientific question.

  • When developing your study budget, include the user fee of $700/hour when the source of funds is a government grant, private non-profit, or an internal award.
  • When you and the scientists have worked out your protocol, you can fill out the new project application.
  • To help you describe MRI procedures in your Carle IRB protocol, you can consult the template language generator.

Accessing resources for your approved project

Fill out the MRI participant safety screening form.

If you will use specialized equipment in your study, please fill out this form